COVENTRY CASH COUPON 2017/2018 - Official Rules for Participation

COVENTRY CASH COUPON 2017/2018 - Official Rules for Participation

Coventry Village Special Improvement District will advertise “Coventry Cash Coupon” events on the and in other official Coventry Village Special Improvement District advertising.

The dates for earning and redeeming Coventry Cash Coupons will be disclosed on and in our print advertising materials.

Coventry Cash Coupon is not legal tender. No cash back.

How to Earn:

Coventry Cash Coupon can be earned by participating in special event activities and/or through retail purchase promotions as advertised periodically.

Coventry Cash Coupons are earned through either the “Coventry Cash Machine” operating during select special neighborhood events –or- can be obtained on select days throughout the promotional period through making a qualifying purchase amount at participating locations. (Qualifying purchase amounts are after all applicable discounts are applied and before tax is applied)

A list of participating merchant locations will be made available during the promotional period.

The promotion dates are based on Eastern Standard Time.

Qualifying Purchases: Customers receive a $10 Coventry Cash Coupon for the first $50 in purchases. An additional $10 in value will be added for each additional $50 spent in a single transaction on a single receipt during the specified promotional period. These promotional periods will be advertised

Purchases may not be combined to earn a Coventry Cash Coupon. Coventry Cash Coupon is earned on the amount the customer purchase after all applicable discounts are applied and before tax is imposed at a single participating Coventry Village merchant location.

Eligible customer purchases include sale, regular and clearance-priced transactions, but exclude the purchase of gift cards or gift certificates. Customers must take their qualifying receipts to the Coventry Cash Coupon distribution center table (location will be posted) to receive Coventry Cash Coupon.

During the promotional period, centrally located signs will be posted indicating the distribution center location and hours of operation. Coventry Cash Coupon will only be distributed on the date and times posted. No exceptions will be made.

The amount of Coventry Cash Coupons available is limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first served basis.

To receive Coventry Cash Coupons, customers ages 18 years or older, must show an official printed receipt clearly displaying the participating retailers name, purchase date and pre-tax total on the date of the promotion.

The distribution of Coventry Cash Coupon is at the sole discretion of the official distribution center staff.


Redeeming Coventry Cash Coupon

Coventry Cash Coupon is not legal tender.

Coventry Cash Coupon cannot be redeemed for cash.

No cash back.

Purchases using Coventry Cash Coupons must meet or exceed value of Coventry Cash Coupon.

Coventry Cash may not be used to purchase gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, or other state or federal regulated products. However, Coventry Cash Coupons may be used in nightlife establishments for the purchase of food, non-alcoholic beverages or admission/tickets.

Purchases made using Coventry Cash must be made during the promotional period indicated on the Coventry Cash Coupon. No exceptions will be made.

 Coventry Cash Coupon can only be used in participating Coventry Village merchant locations, during the promotional period as printed on the coupon.  

Participating locations will display official signage indicating their participation in the promotional program

Coventry Cash Coupon Coupons are watermarked and cannot be reproduced. Coventry Cash coupons are clearly marked indicating the dates they can be used for purchases.

Coventry Cash Coupon value may vary based on the promotional offer or special event. Value will be printed on the Coventry Cash Coupon.

Attempted reproductions will not be accepted and confiscated.

Merchandise Returns

When a customer receives Coventry Cash Coupon, the original store receipt will be stamped “store credit only” and returned to the customer.

By receiving Coventry Cash Coupon, the customer agrees that the merchandise purchased on that receipt cannot be returned for cash or refunded to a credit card or debit card.

Only store credit will be issued for that merchandise return. Return value of merchandise purchased using a Coventry Cash Coupon will be subject to adjustment. Offer is not transferable. Coventry Village Merchants are prohibited from distributing, returning or providing cash/credit back on Coventry Cash Coupon.

Returns on products / services purchased using Coventry Cash as payment:

Purchases made using Coventry cash can be returned but the return value of the will be adjusted based on the amount of Coventry Cash used to complete the purchase. Coventry cash coupons cannot be returned to the customer by the merchant once issued for payment.  In the event of a return of a purchase made using Coventry Cash – Refund or credit issued by the merchant will be adjusted. The amount returned or credited to the customer will not include the Coventry Cash Coupon amount.