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About coventry village

It’s a Neighborhood

Come in the morning, and people are walking dogs, grabbing a cup of coffee, eating a home-style breakfast, stopping by the hardware store, chatting with neighbors on the street, doing their banking or taking an early yoga class before work or school.

It’s a Small Town

Visit in the afternoon, and it’s coming alive. Restaurateurs are serving everything from thick milkshakes and vegetarian specialties to fresh sushi, gourmet subs, comfort foods, and Asian cuisine. Shops with unique vintage toys, clothing, books, accessories, antiques, groceries and imported goods, are welcoming regulars and newcomers. With their heads held high, clients are walking out of the salons, barber shop, and tattoo studio looking their best.

It’s a Destination

Arrive in the evening, and it’s a place for dinner, live music and entertainment. Coventry Village is a people watchers delight as students, artists, musicians, locals, and tourists mingle, filling restaurants, nightclubs and bars with the sounds of the night.

Coventry Village Special Improvement District

Coventry Village Special Improvement District's Board of Directors convenes every other month in a public meeting to discuss the business and developments of the District.
The public is welcome to attend.

October 22, 2020 at 2pm via Zoom
Please click here to register/attend.

2020 CVSID Board Meeting Minutes

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2020 CVSID Financial Statements

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CVSID Record Request Policy

This is the Record Request Policy of Coventry Village Special Improvement District.